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2012 Presidential Election: The Good? No Sarah Palin. The Bad? No Chris Christie

Today marks the day that leaves us exactly one year to go until the presidential election of 2012. A few years ago it would’ve seemed that the 2012 election would be a race to see who would lose to Barack Obama but a lot has changed since the 2008 election. The economy has gone into a deep recession, a lot of the big banks were bailed out and Obamacare has become a punch line in some circles.

For the record, I still think Obama will get a second term. There’s not a serious Republican candidate who can beat him. Mitt Romney? Nope. Herman Cain? Please!

With events of the recent past figuring to make the 2012 election a little more hotly contested, there are a few things that I’m liking heading into next November and at least one thing that disappoints me.

The best news about the race for President? It won’t include Sarah Palin. How anybody thinks that this woman is a serious candidate for high political office is beyond me. It has nothing to do with the fact that she’s a woman. It has everything to do with her intelligence and the way she presents herself.

The idea of her getting anywhere near the White House scares the bejesus out of me. I’ve never seen someone so woefully ill prepared for the biggest stage. The fact that almost half of registered voters would put her in the White House will always be one of life’s great mysteries.

But for as thankful I am that she won’t be in the running I’m equally disappointed that Chris Christie won’t be running. I’m not a Republican by any stretch but I like this guy. He seems like a straight shooter who’s willing to trade verbal jabs with anybody. Ever since I saw this and this, Chris Christie is a guy I think I could get behind.

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