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Ohio Voters Head To The Polls To Decide The Fate Of Collective Bargaining

The state of Wisconsin has already abolished most union’s rights to collectively bargain.  Now voters in Ohio are going to decide whether the same thing will happen in their state.

Voters in Ohio are going to the polls today and the most contentious issue on the ballot is the decision of whether or not to repeal the state law signed by Gov. John Kasich that limits the rights of public workers like police officers, firefighters and teachers.  Like Wisconsin, Ohio is claiming that the change was made in order to deal with revenue shortfalls in the state.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – how does limiting the collective bargaining rights of teachers and other public workers add a dime to the budget?  I happen to believe that teachers, police officers and firefighters are some of the most important people out there and if they happen to get paid a little more than average or have the right to bargain for pay and benefits then so be it.

The idea of stripping public workers’ collective bargaining rights is nothing more than a power play by Kasich to eliminate the power of a very influential group of voters.  Polls indicate that there is growing support for repealing the foolish law so hopefully Ohio will make the right choice where Wisconsin did not.

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