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Police And Businesses Finally Fighting Back Against Occupy Wall Street

November 15, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

All I can say is that it’s about time.

Occupy Wall Street and its protestors have been camping and squatting and defecating on police cars for a couple of months now.  Police and law enforcement have largely supported the group’s right to protest even though their actions have grown increasingly belligerent and confrontational.  Businesses likewise have done their best to conduct business as usual in light of the filth and noise and mess that’s been building up around them.

Turns out that both have had about enough.

Local residents and businesses are planning a protest of their own to get the Occupy Wall Street protestors out of Zuccotti Park.  They’re all justifiably upset that the gathering has turned their otherwise peaceful neighborhood into a loud, filthy, torn up disaster zone.  Residents are tired of hearing the relentless noise and watching the garbage pile up.

Police seem motivated to break these gatherings up too.  About 70 gatherers have been forcibly removed from Zuccotti Park in order to allow workers to finally clean up the site.  The city has said that when the clean up is finished the protestors will not be allowed to camp out and otherwise “occupy” the park.

Confrontations between police and protestors have started to become more commonplace in recent weeks and some are turning violent.  People are showing up dead at some of these encampments.  Girls are getting sexually assaulted.  How long are the police supposed to protect the right to protest and finally say that enough is enough?  These protests are starting to get out of hand and it’s time that they end.  You have the right to peacefully protest – not the right to try to establish your own lawless society.

I’m glad that people are finally starting to fight back.

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