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The NBA Is About To Lose An Entire Season….And That’s Fine By Me

November 16, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

I don’t think I’ve ever come across a dispute like this where both sides were almost equally unlikeable.

In case you haven’t heard, the NBA players rejected the owner’s latest proposal and now plan to decertify the union in order to file an antitrust lawsuit against the NBA.  What started out at least as a defensible disagreement over how revenue should be shared between owners and players has devolved into nothing more than a big dick swinging contest that will ultimately cost the NBA its 2011-2012 season and do irreparable damage to a league already dealing with image issues.

Throughout the last several years, the NBA has alienated itself from its fan base by some of the abhorrent contracts given out to players that don’t deserve it.  Rashard Lewis is going to make over $20 million this season.  He’s not even an All Star.  Ben Gordon makes $11 million a year.  He has just the 4th best scoring average ON HIS OWN TEAM.  Bobby Simmons got paid $11 million for the 2009-2010 season.  He contributed 5 points a game.  It’s exceedingly difficult to feel sorry for these guys that “just want to play” and are “sacrificing” and “just want a fair deal” when they’re already being paid such ridiculous salaries.  And they want a bigger cut of the multi-billion dollar pie?

The players at this seem more interested in winning this fight than the consequences that come with fighting the fight.  Most NBA players are not financial experts.  They end up blowing 120% of their paychecks on fancy cars, fancy clothes, big parties and all sorts of other stuff they have no business buying.  They’re headed for financial disaster when they have million dollar salaries hitting their bank accounts.  How do you think they’re doing without any money coming in?  I doubt they’ve really considered that.  They seem more interested in puffing their chests out and spouting off about respect than finding an acceptable middle ground and saving the livelihoods of the players.

The owners at least have the business sense to understand that they’re in the power position here.  Most NBA franchises are losing money and they know the system needs to change.  I believe they’re trying to get there but these are also the same fools who hand out all of these ridiculous contracts in the first place.  How are we expected to think that any of this will get better in a new system?  Unless the owners are able to police this themselves and stick to the new world order they system will just break again.

And perhaps the biggest issue with the lockout – is anybody really missing the NBA season?  I’ve talked with a few people about this and the almost unanimous response is “I enjoy watching basketball but I don’t really care that they’re not playing”.  People seem to quite satisfied watching another exciting NFL season (Reasons?  1. The Packers have a legitimate shot at going undefeated.  2. Perennial league doormats like the Bills, Lions, 49ers and Texans are suddenly relevant again.  3. 21 of the league’s 32 teams are still legitimate playoff contenders and no less than 13 of them could legitimately make it to the Super Bowl.  4. Even the bad teams have something to root for with Stanford QB Andrew Luck, the next can’t miss quarterback prospect, the likely top pick in the upcoming draft.  5. Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers is on pace for one of the all-time historically great seasons by a quarterback) and an above average college football season.  Is anybody lamenting about the NBA game that isn’t on tonight that should be?  If they are, I haven’t heard it.

The bottom line for me is that this comes down to billionaires (the owners) fighting with multi-millionaires (the players) about how to divvy up billions of dollars.  Who wants to watch that fight?  Who feels sympathy for anybody in this fight?  Especially during an era of high unemployment, low economic growth and many families just struggling to get by, who wants to watch spoiled rich children fight over what they don’t have?

I sure don’t.  And that’s why I say the spoiled rich kids can continue this fight as long as they want to.  I have other things that are more worthy of my time.  The NBA is mere moments away from flushing their entire season (and a lot of fan goodwill) right down the toilet.

And that’s fine by me!

  1. November 16, 2011 at 7:35 pm

    Ranting Liberal, when you say the NBA alienated, please be specific, the NBA owners alienated if anyone did with the salaries they gave players. Players didn’t hold a gun to their heads. Players asked and wouldnt accept less and the owners accepted.
    If anything , it proves how poor most owners really are. If you own a delivery business and I am the fastest deliverer for miles around, people know me. If you say, hey I will give you $100 to drive for me and I ask for $1000 per month for 30 months. If you say okay and then, after 3 months try to renig on our agreement, and I dont accept the new terms you come up, where am I the bad guy. I dont want anyone to feel sorry for me, but I want people to understand that you made a deal with me and are trying to renig out of it and just because you own the delivery service doesnt give you the right to change deals whenever you want with any worker, which includes me.
    You mention the owners need to police themselves and this is where the media and many fans have not been vocal enough on. I said from the beginning to friends , when Miami got Wade Bosh and Lebron, that small clubs were in trouble.
    Stern to me is the biggest culprit in this entire thing. While this lockout has progressed he has seen new owners of clubs come into the fold, and before the lockout began , he treated the season so gingerly. He should have acted during the season, instead he waited till the season was over to be a comissioner.
    In all earnest, the NFL is always the big winner during the winter spring sports. But, this is about more than billionaires fighting millionaires.
    This is about workers who were given a deal and owners who want to change it radically for their purposes totally, disfavoring the purposes of the workers.
    And, lets be honest, this is really about small and poorly run NBA clubs. We keep saying the owners, the big club owners dont have problems. The small club owners do. If anything what this really proves is the need for relegation and promotion in the NBA and for big clubs to segregate themselves with whatever form the NBA will take.

  2. December 3, 2011 at 6:25 pm

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