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Scott Walker Learned About Sex Education From “Mean Girls”

November 18, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker called a special session of the state legislature recently and labeled it “Back To Work Wisconsin”.  The session was aimed at figuring out a way to create jobs for Wisconsin residents (since the state’s unemployment rate has been rising under Walker).

That sounds all well and good on the surface until you realize that the first item on the meeting’s agenda was to launch a bill that would repeal a significant portion of the state’s current sex education law that requires schools to provide comprehensive, scientifically accurate, and age-appropriate sex education.  The current bill, titled the Healthy Youth Act, would replace the current sex education program with with a program aimed at helping kids “identify the skills necessary to remain abstinent”.

Yeah, I think I’ve seen this one before.

Walker’s take on sex education and what’s needed to help protect young people today seems to be almost completely out of touch with what’s actually happening with youth.  Just telling kids not to have sex would be fine if none of them were having it.  But a recent study shows that almost HALF of Wisconsin teenagers are sexually active and many of them are doing it unsafely.

I can tell my kids to simply not play with matches and hope for the best but we also practice what to do in case the house catches on fire.  Why?  Because we’re responsible parents who try to prepare our children for any type of situation they might have whether it’s wanted or not.  Might it be responsible of Walker to educate children on how to have sex safely and prevent disease and pregnancy or should he just say “don’t do it” and leave it at that?

What floors me is that the proper law is already in place.  You don’t need to do anything to it and you certainly don’t need to repeal it in favor of your own vision of “education”.  And how in the hell did this come up first on the agenda in a meeting where the purpose was to discuss job growth.  Between this and his bill to strike down pretty much all labor union rights, Walker has shown incredible gall in putting his own personal social agenda ahead of all else.

Maybe Walker really believes that all you have to do is tell kids not to have sex and the teen pregnancy rate will magically start dropping.  As much as I disagree with most of what he’s about, I can’t believe that he’s not an intelligent person.  He can’t simply think that teen sex isn’t happening or that it’s all about to stop as long as you tell kids not to.  I tell my kids to do a lot of things and in a lot of cases I have to tell them three and four times just to get their attention let alone get them to actually do something.  It’s just the way kids are.  If they really want to drink or smoke or have sex, they’re probably going to find a way to do it.

It’s our job as parents and as a society to protect and educate our children to help them make smart choices and have all necessary tools available to them.  It pains me to realize that Walker doesn’t seem to be in that camp.

What say you?  Do you think Scott Walker is out of line to replace the current sex education law with an “abstinence only” sex education program?  Feel free to comment below.

  1. November 18, 2011 at 11:36 am

    Sometimes I wonder who’s getting paid to do the efficacy studies of these policies. Mississippi has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the country. Up until March 18, 2011 (happy birthday me!) they had a mandatory abstinence-only policy for teaching sex ed in schools. What happened on 3/18/11? Haley Barbour signed a law into bill requiring schools to “teach some form of sex education.” The forms must be either abstinence-only or abstinence-plus (abstinence, plus info on contraceptives and STDs). The article I read said that this was the third attempt at passing some kind of legislation because the teen pregnancy rate is so high. As of 2007 the number of births by unwed mothers actually surpassed the number of births by married women. The states with the highest teen birth rate are the ones that tend to have the most conservative views on sex ed and morality (i.e., the entire southeast and a smattering of southwestern states). So, good luck, Wisconsin – you’re gonna need it!

    • November 18, 2011 at 11:42 am

      As a father of two daughters, this really disappoints me. Not that I don’t like the idea of my daughters abstaining until a later age, I just know that’s becoming less and less of a likelihood as time passes. I will teach my daughters abstinence but I’ll also be teaching them about safe sex and protection. Better to be covered from all angles I think. I guess Walker disagrees. What a bloke. I really hope he gets recalled.

      • November 18, 2011 at 10:11 pm

        Your daughters are lucky girls 🙂 When my dad married my (step)mom she brought 3 into the picture. The youngest is 39 and the oldest is 50. All 5 of us (daughters) are peri-menopausal. My poor daddy. I wish all kids would abstain. I think one of the biggest problems is that nobody is teaching sexuality (not homo vs. hetero) and about the emotions that go with it. Not enough kids are being taught to respect themselves more. It’s a shame. By the way… my bio-mother’s version of “the talk”? I got the anatomy thing in elementary school just in time for the “herd-them-all-into-the-gym-and-cover-the-windows” thing. As a teenager I got “Get pregnant, we’re going to Mobile.” In south Mississippi every teen girl knows what that means: A trip to Mobile, Alabama for an abortion. That was the extent of birth control/protection talk for most of us at that time (mid-80s). It’s so sick.

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