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Time For Michele Bachmann To Wrap It Up

December 30, 2011 15 comments

With just a few days before the Iowa caucus, candidates are expected to hammering home their campaign platforms.  Instead, for Michele Bachmann I think it’s a good time to realize that her campaign has come off the rails and needs to come to a close.

Bachmann’s campaign seems to be crumbling at an accelerating pace lately.  In just the last week alone, she’s lost two of her top campaign advisors (one of them even going on to endorse Ron Paul right after leaving the campaign) and she’s aired virtually zero television commercials because she has no money.  Her polling numbers are dwindling and conservative Christian voters have called for her to drop out in order to unify support behind one conservative candidate.

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Liebster Blog And Candle Lighter Blog Awards

December 30, 2011 7 comments

It looks like Christmas has been good to this little ole’ website here.  I check in over the last week or so and find that I have been nominated for not one but TWO blog awards!  Better yet?  I’ve been nominated by the same person for both!  Judith over at Diabetic Redemption chose to nominate this site for both the Liebster Blog and Candle Lighter Blog awards.

The Candle Lighter award is supposed to recognize “anyone who lights the world with their work”.  I still think that I just rant on here but if someone feels that what they read here lights up their world in any little way then who am I to argue?

Liebster is German for “awesomest” or something like that.  I’m just loosely translating of course!  Regardless, big thanks to Judith who has become something of a frequent visitor to this blog (and I to hers, of course).  I’m quite appreciative of the recognition with both awards!  Your check is in the mail!

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Iowa Caucus Preview: Who Wins And Who Loses?

December 29, 2011 8 comments

The first big jewel on the road to the November 2012 presidential election is almost upon us.  On Wednesday, January 3rd, the Iowa caucus will be the first leg in what could be a long and arduous road towards the Republican presidential nomination.

The latest polling in Iowa indicates that it’s literally still anybody’s race to win.  Polls had indicated that Ron Paul had pulled ahead in Iowa but today’s numbers show that Mitt Romney may have grabbed a small lead back.  Newt Gingrich who had been surging in the last month has promptly crashed back to earth and now Rick Santorum is the latest to experience a mini-surge thanks to Christian conservative voters.

The point is that it’s still completely up in the air as to what will happen on Wednesday.  Candidates will likely say that their showing in Iowa will be a positive regardless of what happens but there are true good and bad scenarios for each candidate.  Let’s run down the best and worst case scenario for each Republican candidate (numbers in parentheses indicate the latest Real Clear Politics polling averages in Iowa as of December 28th).

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Virginia Primary Ballot Shenanigans

December 28, 2011 20 comments

Good morning all!

After four wonderful (yet exhausting) days off of work, I’m finally back to dedicating a little time to this site.  I was pretty disconnected over the holidays.  I figured that was a pretty good choice to focus on family instead of what’s going on in the world over the holidays (and it was a good choice) but now it’s time to get back into the groove again.

One of the first things I came across when perusing the news wasthe Republican primary balloting issues that are going on down in Virginia.  Virginia’s primary is one of the “Super Tuesday” primaries that will take place on March 6.  And it turns out that Mitt Romney and Ron Paul are the only candidates that have met the requirements to appear on the ballot.

As you can imagine, some of the other Republican hopefuls are less than happy about this.  After Rick Perry failed to meet the requirements to get on the ballot he decided to sue the state of Virginia on the grounds that the ballot requirements are “severely restricting” and “unconstitutional”.  Newt Gingrich failed to meet the requirements as well and he’s vowed to wage a write-in campaign to get on the ballot even though those aren’t allowed in Virginia.

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Bloggers That I’m Thankful For…

December 23, 2011 19 comments

I started this blog about a month ago as a means of simply having a place to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) for a lot of my political and pop culture thoughts and feelings.  I had no idea in such a short period of time I’d be interacting with so many different people from so many different backgrounds with so many different stories of their own to share.

There are a lot of great bloggers out there and, as my little Christmas gift, I’d like to take this chance to give a shout out to several of them right here.

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Here’s How You Can Be A Giving Angel To A Needy Family This Holiday Season

December 23, 2011 4 comments

A lot of people seemed to really enjoy the story I posted a little while back about the K-Mart layaway “angels” and the story of the original Secret Santa Larry Stewart.  The K-Mart layaway story has become such a popular story and K-Mart has fielded so many calls from people wanting to be layaway angels themselves that the store has given instructions to all of its stores telling employees how to handle such requests (apparently, you just tell them you want to be a layaway angel and they’ll take care of the rest!).

Keeping with today’s holiday spirit, I found out about a website that allows people like you to be a giving angel to a needy family this holiday season.

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The Most Inspiring Moments of 2011

December 23, 2011 Leave a comment

With Christmas just a couple of days away and many people having already started their holiday vacations, today should be a happy, light-hearted day.  With that having been said, I’m going to skip any discussion of politics until after the holidays.  We should all just enjoy the spirit of the season right now.

I came across this video this morning from Yahoo going through some of the most inspiring moments of 2011.  It includes the recovery of Gabrielle Giffords, the humanitarian efforts following the tornado in Joplin and tsunami in Japan and, just for good measure, the story of a parapalegic young man who walked to receive his diploma.

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