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Recalling Scott Walker Would Be A Positive Step For Wisconsin

If you’ve read anything on this blog (or just looked at the name of it), you’ll know that I’m a bit of a liberal.  I’m also from Wisconsin which means I and about 6,000,000 other state residents are currently under the ruling hand of Republican Governor Scott Walker.

Walker is the guy who raised all sorts of hell earlier this year by forcing through a bill that pretty much eliminated organized labor in Wisconsin.  The bill (and more importantly the manner in which it was passed) resulted in weeks of protests and arrests at the State Capitol.  Now, state residents are fed up and are in the midst of organizing a recall effort to have him kicked out of office.  To that, I only have one thing to say.

Where do I sign the petition?

Walker’s political agenda has been almost entirely self-serving since he took office.  For some reason, he’s chosen to target the organized labor unions that protect people in honest professions like teachers, firefighters and police officers.  Walker claims that he’s trying to balance the state’s budget by eliminating bargaining rights but his real motive for the power move became clear when he said this…

Did you hear what he said?  Kucinich asked him directly how much money taxpayers would save with labor unions out of the way and Walker responds with “it doesn’t save any”.  Straight from the horse’s mouth!  If it’s not money then what’s Walker’s motivation?  Labor unions tend to lean heavily Democratic and having organized unions essentially eliminated paves the way for a few more votes to sway Walker’s way come election time.  Self-serving?  I sure think so.

As of last week, the pro-recall effort claimed to have over 300,000 signatures on petitions.  According to election rules, a little over 540,000 signatures need to be collected by the January 17th deadline.  What was once considered a bit of a longshot is now showing that it could be a real possibility.  Walker could very be the first state governor since California’s Gray Davis to face a recall election (incidentally, the Davis recall is what ultimately led Arnold Schwarzenegger to the governorship).

The biggest hurdle to getting Walker out of office will be who will replace him?  There’s no clear candidate that could beat Walker in a recall election.  Big names like Tom Barrett and Russ Feingold say they’re not interested and that would mean Democrats would have to put a fringe candidate up against Walker and hope for the best.  Baby steps though.  The recall petitions need to gather enough signatures first in order to force a recall election.  Then we can begin the search for a better candidate.

I’d be sorely disappointed if Walker finished out his first term.  I’m a pro-union guy who thinks that teachers, firefighters and police officers deserve some extra protection and priveleges that the general public doesn’t have simply due to the special nature of their jobs.  If a teacher or police officer happens to get better health benefits or a bigger raise than I do then so be it.  You either support these professionals or you don’t.  You can’t just support them as long as they get the same benefits that you do.

What say you?  Do you think Scott Walker overstepped his boundaries in effectively eliminating labor unions and collective bargaining?  Do you think similar measures will pass in other states?  Feel free to comment below.

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