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Polling Shows That Americans Are Not Happy With Their Election Options

December 20, 2011 8 comments

Sorry about the brief hiatus and my failure to post anything at all yesterday.  I had a day off of work yesterday and decided to try to disconnect almost entirely and just take it easy for a change.  I was almost successful.  I stayed away from the laptop for the most part but instead got sucked into Teen Mom on MTV for some inexplicable reason.  I’m almost ashamed to even admit that to anyone reading this.

Anyway, on to more important business.

I came across a story in the news today that talked about how the majority of Americans are more dissatisfied with their political representation and the direction of their country than at almost any time in history.  It goes on to say that most believe the current election process isn’t working and that politicians are not coming up with any good ideas to solve the nation’s problems.

I think there’s a lot to digest here and a lot being said so let’s try to tackle these one by one.

Americans are dissatisfied with their political representation.

President Obama’s job approval rating notwithstanding, this statement speaks to the dissatisfaction at all levels of government – national to local.  Congressional job approval ratings are even lower than Obama’s.  We’re seeing governors like Wisconsin’s Scott Walker heading towards recall elections.  Plus, events like the state-waged battles over union rights and the federal budget squabbles are leading more and more people to wonder if Republicans and Democrats can truly agree on anything.

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Monday Morning Presidential Poll Numbers

November 21, 2011 1 comment

What a difference a week makes!

In the latest USA Today/Gallup poll, Newt Gingrich has pulled to the front of a crowded Republican field running for the 2012 presidential nomination.  Just a week ago, Gingrich was running in third behind both Herman Cain and Mitt Romney.  After a strong CNBC debate appearance and the continued fallout from Herman Cain’s personal issues, Gingrich vaulted himself to the head of the pack.

See the actual numbers below.

Gingrich and Romney are effectively tied in the race right now while Herman Cain seems to be falling off the radar quickly.

Polls pitting Republican candidates against incumbent President Barack Obama seem to suggest that Mitt Romney might be the only candidate that could give him a fight in November.  Romney trails Obama by less than two points in recent polling while other candidates like Gingrich, Cain and Ron Paul all trail Obama by at least 6 points.

A little sooner in the future is the Iowa caucuses and a recent Rasmussen poll indicates that it could be a blowout.  In their poll from November 15th, Gingrich leads Romney by a whopping 13 points with no other candidate in sight.  It remains to be seen if these results start to level out over time but if not we could very well by looking at a Gingrich/Obama battle in about a year’s time.

Monday Morning Presidential Poll Numbers

November 14, 2011 Leave a comment

It looks like the sexual harrassment accusations against Herman Cain might be starting to put a dent in his armor.

A USA Today/Gallup poll revealed that Cain and Mitt Romney are essentially tied (both are at 21% support) with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich picking up steam at 12%.  The latest poll numbers were taken between November 2nd and 6th and before the recent CNBC debate.  You can see all the poll numbers below.

Cain’s support has been shown to begin eroding in recent days in the wake of the sexual harrassment allegations levied against him.  Recent polling showed Cain holding a slight lead over Romney but that trend seems to be reversing.

The biggest revelation might be the rise of Newt Gingrich in the polls.  A couple of months ago he was an afterthought in this election but after some strong debates recently he’s up to a solid 3rd place in most polls and rising.

Rick Perry’s campaign seems to be singing its swan song.  The one-time frontrunner has seen a rapid tumble in his support following another subpar debate performance.  He’s at 11% in this poll but some more recent polling suggests he’s down in the single digits again.

Latest 2012 Presidential Poll Numbers

November 5, 2011 1 comment

The latest batch of news surrounding Herman Cain and the sexual harrassment accusations levied against him doesn’t seem to be putting a significant dent into his bid for the Republican presidential nomination.

A Real Clear Politics polling average has Cain maintaining about a 25.5% to 23% lead over nearest rival Mitt Romney.  Newt Gingrich remains a distant third at about 11% support.

Cain is facing down allegations that he sexually harrassed employees during his time with the National Restaurant Association.  For Cain’s part, he claims the charges just come with the turf since he’s started appearing at the top of the polls.

The Republican nomination may ultimately become a moot point as all current Republican contenders fall short of incumbent President Barack Obama.  In current polling, Obama maintains about a 2% advantage over Romney, a 7% lead over Cain, a 10% lead over Rick Perry and a 14% gap over Newt Gingrich.