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Is The Supreme Court Finally Ready To Tackle Obamacare?

November 14, 2011 1 comment

Today could be a landmark day for the future of Obamacare.

The Supreme Court plans to announce today whether or not they will hear the President’s health care reform bill that requires Americans to purchase health insurance.  If the high court plans on taking on the case, a decision could come around June 2012.

For the record, I’m a supporter of Obamacare.  I think it’s a good thing for most Americans to have health insurance in their pockets but I have a bad feeling about what would happen to the health care law if it ends up in front of the Supreme Court.  There’s something about the idea of forcing Americans to buy health insurance that I think won’t sit well with the justices and I believe that Obamacare could ultimately end up getting overturned.

I think there’s a big difference between the intent of the law and the “constitutionality” of it.  I think it’s right for people to have health insurance.  I think it’s responsible for people to have health insurance.  I just don’t know if it can be required for people to have health insurance.

I hope that Obamacare sticks.  Today’s Supreme Court announcement will be a big step in figuring out if it will.