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Occupy Wall Street Is NOT Cool With The Nativity Scene

December 21, 2011 9 comments

I found this video over at Fellowship Of The Minds today and decided to post it here as well.

This is a video that was taken at one of the Occupy Wall Street camps.  The makers of the video wanted to see what the reaction would be if a live nativity scene were placed in the middle of an Occupy camp.

The results I think speak for themselves.  See the video below….

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The End Of Occupy Wall Street? Police Start Raiding Camps

November 30, 2011 3 comments

Looks like police and local governments are starting to reach the end of their patience with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Police in riot gear moved in full force shortly after midnight in Philadelphia and Los Angeles to empty Occupy Wall Street camps that have been populated for over 2 months.  It appears that about 250 arrests in total were made mainly to people who refused to follow police orders and depart the grounds peacefully.

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Why Occupy Wall Street Needs To End Now!

November 21, 2011 7 comments

I remember when the whole Occupy Wall Street thing started about two months ago.  I started out it seemed as a protest against the Wall Street bailouts and the huge bonuses that executives receive regardless of the company’s performance.  That type of protest I can understand.  You don’t think it’s fair that these folks are receiving undeserved millions of dollars.  That’s fair.

But since then the actual protests have been overshadowed by everything else that’s gone on at the Occupy campsites.  And it’s a fairly impressive list of lawless behavior – rape, sexual assault, assaulting police, public urination, vandalism, theft, disturbing the peace.  Stories are breaking on almost a daily basis of something that’s going on in the Occupy camps.  Demonstrators need to be broken up with tear gas by police in riot gear.  Dozens of people are being arrested at a time.

While the underlying reason that they’re gathering is the same, the protests have become beyond unruly.  Innocent people are getting injured, intimidated and taken advantage of.  I found particularly disturbing this story where protestors were yelling at and heckling children as young as 4 years old who were simply on their way to school.

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Video: Occupy’s Greatest Hits

November 21, 2011 5 comments

I saw this over at American Freedom and enjoyed it enough that I’m swiping it and posting it here.


Follow Occupy Day Of Action In New York City LIVE

November 17, 2011 1 comment

If you’re interested in following what’s going on down in the financial district for Occupy Wall Street’s Day of Action, you can follow it live on UStream by clicking the link below.  It’s actually an interesting watch to see what’s going on.

Follow Occupy Day of Action in New York City Live

Occupy Wall Street Has Finally Made It To Wall Street!

November 17, 2011 3 comments

After two months of organizing and protesting, Occupy Wall Street has finally reached their destination – Wall Street!

Today is supposed to be a big day for the movement as they finally start marching upon New York’s financial district.  When interviewed about the march, protestors insisted that the demonstrations were going to be peaceful and there would be no disruption to commuters and subway riders.  Not surprisingly, that hasn’t exactly happened as there are reports of arrests, protestors blocking traffic and preventing traders from entering the stock exchange.

Reports indicate that there are about 1000 people on site.  It looks like protestors were unable to get into the exchange as they had hoped.  Another report says that the Teamsters are on their way to the site as well.

I also heard someone say that an LRAD machine (stands for “long range acoustic device” and is used as a means of crowd control by using sound waves to disorient people) is being deployed but at this point is just a rumor.

Oakland Police Clear Out Occupy Wall Street Camp: “This Is Not A Game”

November 16, 2011 2 comments

Oakland police in riot gear made good on a promise to clear out their city’s Occupy Wall Street demonstrators after a man was shot and killed in the protest’s encampment.

Read that again….after a man was shot and killed.  Do these sound like peaceful protests to you?

I continue to hear more stories of violence and lewd behavior coming out of these protests including (but not limited to) rape, death, sexual assault, excessive noise, physical assault, public urination, public defacation, intoxication and verbal abuse.  Police forces in these cities have no choice but to deal with the unruly crowds using arrests and chemical agents in order to keep protestors under control.

I say it’s time for Occupy Wall Street to end.  With demonstrations increasingly turning violent, it’s time for police to break up these crowds to ensure the safety of all.  And give these municipalities the land back that is rightfully theirs to begin with.

What say you?  Is it time for law enforcement to end the Occupy Wall Street protests once and for all?  Feel free to comment below?