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Sarah Palin: It’s Not Too Late To Enter The Race For The Republican Nomination

December 20, 2011 23 comments


Could the unthinkable be descending upon us?  Could Alaska’s favorite soccer mom, big game hunter and foreign policy expert be preparing to re-enter the spotlight?

(Gasp!)  Could Sarah Palin be considering a run for President in 2012?

Maybe.  Maybe not.  According to a Fox News Channel interview, Palin said that it’s not too late to enter the race for the GOP nomination.  She didn’t say if she was the candidate to enter the race but added that she didn’t feel any enthusiasm for the current GOP candidates and was withholding her endorsement.

She said before that she wasn’t going to run.  I seriously hope she hasn’t changed her mind.  I can’t imagine that a majority of Americans would find her fit to run the most powerful nation in the world but I’ve been surprised before.

As my grandmother loves to say, I’m going to get the whim whams just thinking about this.