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The Most Inspiring Moments of 2011

December 23, 2011 Leave a comment

With Christmas just a couple of days away and many people having already started their holiday vacations, today should be a happy, light-hearted day.  With that having been said, I’m going to skip any discussion of politics until after the holidays.  We should all just enjoy the spirit of the season right now.

I came across this video this morning from Yahoo going through some of the most inspiring moments of 2011.  It includes the recovery of Gabrielle Giffords, the humanitarian efforts following the tornado in Joplin and tsunami in Japan and, just for good measure, the story of a parapalegic young man who walked to receive his diploma.

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Occupy Wall Street Is NOT Cool With The Nativity Scene

December 21, 2011 9 comments

I found this video over at Fellowship Of The Minds today and decided to post it here as well.

This is a video that was taken at one of the Occupy Wall Street camps.  The makers of the video wanted to see what the reaction would be if a live nativity scene were placed in the middle of an Occupy camp.

The results I think speak for themselves.  See the video below….

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Just For Fun: Black Friday Shopping List Prank

December 7, 2011 14 comments

This video really has nothing to do with political views or ranting.  I just thought this was a great video and wanted to share.

These guys create shopping lists for each other containing non-sensical (and often times non-existent) items and the goal is to ask a store employee about as many items on the list as possible before the employee realizes it’s all just a joke.

I laughed out loud.  Hope you do too.  Enjoy!

Catching Up On The Latest News

November 29, 2011 12 comments

I’ve had a list of stuff that’s popped up in the news scribbled down for a couple of weeks now.  I’d planned on writing on each one of them but as the list grows longer and my available time to write about them grows shorter I decided to bunch them all together here and comment on them rapid-fire style.

Without further adieu, let’s catch up on the latest in the news!

All is not Fine at Syracuse

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Heated Exchange During House Natural Resources Committee Hearing (with video)

November 23, 2011 Leave a comment

I sort of enjoy watching politicians get in cat fights.  Especially when a non-politician puts one in his place.  If you’re like me, you enjoyed this exchange from a recent House Natural Resources Committee hearing.

The combatants: Rep. Don Young from Alaska (who is a member of the committee) and Douglas Brinkley (a historian who was testifying about drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge).

Young teed it off by calling the hearing itself “an exercise in futility” and Brinkley’s testimony “garbage”.  Young then referred to Brinkley by the wrong name.  Brinkley wasn’t having any of it and the gloves came off.

Personally, I think Rep. Young was asking for it.  You start off by insulting the guy who’s testifying and then call him the wrong name.  What do you think’s going to happen?  The whole “you just be quiet” response seemed like more of a save-face move than anything.

Good for Brinkley for standing up for himself.  Sounds like these guys had it coming.

Video: Occupy’s Greatest Hits

November 21, 2011 5 comments

I saw this over at American Freedom and enjoyed it enough that I’m swiping it and posting it here.


Follow Occupy Day Of Action In New York City LIVE

November 17, 2011 1 comment

If you’re interested in following what’s going on down in the financial district for Occupy Wall Street’s Day of Action, you can follow it live on UStream by clicking the link below.  It’s actually an interesting watch to see what’s going on.

Follow Occupy Day of Action in New York City Live