Todd Palin Announces He’s Endorsing Newt Gingrich. In Other News, Nobody Cares.

January 10, 2012 13 comments

I’m sure the Newt Gingrich campaign is basking in the glow of yet another endorsement.  But who is Todd Palin again?

Oh yeah, he’s Sarah’s “first gentleman”.  The same Sarah who still hasn’t entirely ruled out running for President in 2012 even though she’s way past the point of no return.  The same Sarah who decided to take a break from the political arena to film her own reality show.

But I digress.

I don’t believe that Todd Palin’s endorsement is going to bring any more than five additional votes to Newt Gingrich.  I’m not sure why he even felt the need to go public with his endorsement in the first place.

Come to think of it, I’m not sure why I even decided that I needed to comment on this at all.


What Is Your Republican Candidate Doing This Saturday Night?

January 10, 2012 8 comments

One of the more humorous moments that came out of the recent New Hampshire debate in my opinion was George Stephanopoulos’ question at the end of the evening.  He asked each of the candidates where they would be on Saturday night if they weren’t busy debating each other.

There was some humanity in the answers.  There was more than a little bit of folly.  And of course there were some careful crafted political responses.

In case you hadn’t seen the clip, you can follow the link here.

Here was each person’s response.

Rick Perry – “I’d probably be at the shooting range.”

Yes!  I love this answer!  Spoken like a true Texan.  I might have jumped on the Perry bandwagon a few months ago had I heard candor like this (and assuming he didn’t make all those subsequent mistakes).

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New Hampshire Primary Preview: Romney Can Seal The Deal

January 10, 2012 10 comments

Today marks the first official primary of the election season.  New Hampshire, which currently ranks #42 out of the 50 states in population, continues to hold a disproportionately large influence in the race for president by holding their primary earlier than anyone else in the country.

Mitt Romney has been leading the polls in New Hampshire since the start.  The latest polls indicate that he has well over a double digit lead over Ron Paul and should cruise to victory.  The bigger battle may be for second place.  Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman are within a couple percent of each other and Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich are not that far behind them.

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Romney Reigns As Republican Front Runner

January 6, 2012 8 comments

Following his narrow win in the Iowa Caucus, I just don’t see any way that Mitt Romney does not capture the Republican nomination to face Barack Obama in November.

Yes, I know a couple of other candidates could sneak in there and winning Iowa is by no means a guarantee of making it to November.  But I’m really failing to see another candidate generating enough momentum in time to take down Romney before it’s too late.

The other Iowa darling, Rick Santorum, is expected to fall short of the necessary funding and manpower to make a real push towards the nomination.  Plus, despite a surge in polling numbers in the upcoming primaries in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida, he is still well behind Romney in each of those contests and will need to pick up a win soon before he falls too far behind.

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Only Romney And Santorum Can Claim Success In Iowa; Ron Paul Is The Caucus’ Big Loser

January 4, 2012 6 comments

I stayed up late Wednesday night watching the results from the Iowa caucus continue to roll in.  As Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney jockeyed back and forth for the lead in the night’s election, it started to become quite obvious that these two guys were the only ones that had a good night in Iowa.  The biggest loser in the Iowa caucus?  That one’s easy.  It’s Ron Paul.

Despite the popularity spikes by most every candidate out there in the last several months, Mitt Romney has remained the presumptive favorite to capture the nomination.  His narrow 8 vote victory over Rick Santorum did nothing to damage his front-runner status.  He simply needed to avoid a disappointing performance or last minute foot-in-mouth moment to keep his momentum rolling forward and he did just that.

I said in my original Iowa caucus preview that Rick Santorum’s best case scenario was a second place finish.  I clearly underestimated his backing in Iowa as he stood toe to toe with Romney the entire evening.  Polling in the low single digits for much of his candidacy, Santorum rode a last minute surge in popularity to within just 8 votes of what would have been one of the most surprising election wins in recent memory.

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Iowa Caucus Live Results

January 3, 2012 8 comments

With 97% reporting….

Rick Santorum 29,210 (25%)
Mitt Romney 29,173 (25%)
Ron Paul 25,307 (21%)
Newt Gingrich 15,722 (13%)
Rick Perry 12,194 (10%)
Michele Bachmann 5,934 (5%)
Jon Huntsman 712 (1%)

They also just flashed a stat on the TV that 48% of 17-29 year old Iowa voters voted for Ron Paul tonight. In case you were wondering if he’s capturing the minds of younger voters.

Ron Paul Winning The Nomination: Republican Party’s Worst Nightmare?

January 3, 2012 11 comments

Within a couple of weeks, we’ll know who’ll be facing Barack Obama for the presidency in November. Yes, I believe that the Republican field is going to narrow down quickly following the Iowa caucus and within the several days following a clear front-runner will have emerged. And I still believe that favorite will be Mitt Romney.

If the eventual Republican nominee isn’t Mitt Romney, there’s a good chance it could Ron Paul. If Paul were to be the nominee, would that be a good scenario for Republicans or the best case scenario for Democrats?

Ron Paul is most definitely not the typical definition of a Republican. While he may be labeled as a conservative, Paul carries some fairly radical views by politician’s standards. He’s in favor of things like limiting the role of government in people’s lives, drastic cuts in government spending and dumping the Federal Reserve altogether. Conservative? Sure. A little too far out there? Possibly.

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